Online Scientific Calculator


Besides performing the so-called "normal" operations, this calculator has the particular advantage of solve first and second degree equations, convert several units of measure, perform percent operations, work with complex numbers, calcule integrals, and so on. Much more than a simple scientific calculator, this online calculator allows operations to be introduced using conventional mathematical notation. In this way, it becomes easier to perceive the operation to be calculated and reduces the possibility of introducing unwanted errors.

Try, for example, to enter the following calculations:

  • First degree equations:
    `2x + 3 = 4(x-1)`
  • Second degree equations:
  • Calculation with measures:
    `5m + 50cm`
  • Measurement converter:
    `50m text( in ) cm`
  • Area and Volume Converter:
    `2cm^2 text( in ) dm^2`
  • Calculation with fractions:
    `1/4 + 1/2`
  • Calculation with percentage
    `200 + 5%`
  • Vector calculus:
  • Complex numbers:
  • Integral Calculation:
  • Differential calculation:
  • Calculation with matrices:
    `[[1, 2][4, 5]]xx[[6, 7][8, 3]]`
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Today's calculators are electronic and are built by various manufacturers, in various shapes and sizes varying in price according to the sophistication and features offered. The use of the graphing calculator is mandatory in education in several subjects in of ​​Mathematics, and some problems may not be solvable without it, which makes it indispensable. The ability of a calculator varies according to the manufacturer and model, from calculators limited to arithmetic (basic education), to others that offer trigonometric functions, calculation of probabilities, calculation of matrices, possibility to program and presentation of graphs of diverse types. The latest calculators already feature color displays with high resolution, something very useful and that has become normal in a modern calculator that makes easier for students to analyze graphics.

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If you are unable to use the calculator or the results obtained in the calculations do not match the expectations, contact us using the Contact page. Thank you.