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In this page you can find several percentage calculators. Eight different calculators will be created, although they are all about percentages, each one can be used to solve a different type of problem. Choose the calculator that best suits the exercise you want to see solved. You can also see the resolution step by step, so you can learn the method of resolution.

Example 1: find the percentage of a quantity

I want to buy a bike that costs $340 and has a 20% discount. How much is the discount?

How much is % from

Step-by-step resolution of exercise 1

Example 2: find the percentage of a raise

My salary was $740, but increased to $820. What is the value of the percentage increase?

I had and now I have

Step-by-step resolution of exercise 2

Example 3: find the percentage of a reduction

My weight was 195 pounds, but thanks to a strict diet he went down to 150 pounds. What is the percentage of this decrease?

I had and now I have

Step-by-step resolution of exercise 3

Example 4: find the initial value of a discount

A bicycle has undergone a reduction of 20% in the price and started to cost $448. What was the starting price before the discount?

Discount %, the final value is

Step-by-step resolution of exercise 4

Example 5: find the initial value of an increase

One river had an increase of 15% in its streamflow due to the rains, it became of 3200 ft³/s. What was the initial flow before the increase?

Increase of %, the final value is

Step-by-step resolution of exercise 5

percentage meaning


The term Percentage comes from the Latin per centum, which means "for every hundred". Percentage is a measure of ratio based on one hundred, that is, it is a way of designating a ratio between two values, where one of them is the whole part and the other is a fraction of that whole part. To represent percentages, the symbol `%` is used, which results from an evolution of `x//100`. If a shopkeeper says he is selling a bicycle at a 20% discount, it means that for every 100 dollars the bike costs the shopkeeper will withdraw 20 dollars at the final price. For example, if the starting price of the bike was 300 dollars, the seller would grant a discount of 60 dollars, because in the number 300 there are 3 hundreds, so `3 xx 20 = 60`. When talking about Percentage Point or Percent Point, it is intended to designate a difference between two percentages. Taking the previous example, let's assume that the same storekeeper decides to increase the discount from 20% to 30%. In this case, it would not be correct to say that the discount percentage has gone up by 10%, because 10% of 20% is only 2%. So in these cases, the correct thing to say is that there was an increase in the discount amount of 10 percentage points.

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We tested all the calculators here, to ensure that any value entered produces correct results. Even so, if you eventually find an error when calculating percentages do not hesitate to contact us. Likewise, if you consider that none of the percentage calculators that we offer, allow you to solve a certain exercise, then inform us so that we can add more examples.